Thoughtful critique of the prosecution of Bradley Manning’s court martial

“The move to a digital world has made transmitting information easier, while more people have access to more state secrets than ever. Leaks are not just commonplace; they are the raw materialof nearly all groundbreaking reporting on foreign affairs. Wilkinson’s “multitude of leaks” has become even more numerous, while American foreign policy has grown more opaque. Our free press now depends on leaks, and if leaking state secrets to the press constitutes espionage, harmless or not, then we have a bigger problem on our hands than an insubordinate intelligence analyst.”


Jason Read’s review of the new English translation of Macherey

Jason Read has written a wonderful review of the new English translation of Hegel or Spinoza, the famous historical tome by French Marxist philosopher/academic Pierre Macherey. Of particular interest is his comparision of the text with the dominant trends of interpretation in Marxist thought today (between strict Hegelians such as Zizek and Spinozites such as Antonio Negri), noting how both thinkers can be read against each other, while simultaneously providing a common framework for inquiry.